Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Daily Briefing For Wednesday, December 12, 2012

 The Dating Resume

It's been years since I've been on the dating scene.  Like many single people in the 21st century, I leveraged technology to help increase the dating experience.

Atlanta Jeff recently posted on Facebook that someone referenced their "dating resume" in a conversation.  He was unfamiliar with that term (as was I), so I quickly researched it and found this link describing what makes for a good dating resume.  You can imagine how I felt when I saw "survival skills" made the list:

At another time, "art appreciation" or "other languages" might have filled this space. But today, when recession, pandemics, and Nancy Grace threaten our very way of life, it's a facility with a Swiss army knife that counts. Now is the time to drop references about your Boy or Girl Scout experience into the conversation; to mention that fallout shelter you're building, and that earthquake preparedness seminar you've signed up for. Do you know CPR? Do you have a basement full of canned goods? Can you build a fire? Yes? Congratulations. How soon can you start?
While this may seem funny to a lot of people, it does reflect a change in the conventional thinking of our fellow citizens - being more prepared and less reliant on others - continues to be in style.
You'll Need Those Skills On Your Dating Resume If You Live In Michigan.
As state legislators in Michigan make various threats, including one prediction of blood in the streets, from the state's passage of right to work legislation, it brings more scrutiny to places like Detroit.  The birthplace of my father has become Exhibit A in what is wrong with America.   Public school teachers there, who are protesting the recent right to work law by calling in sick, have posted some impressive stats indeed:  a U.S. Department of Education report finds a whopping 7 percent of eighth graders in Detroit read at or above their grade level.
What's a bigger problem in Detroit than the dumpster fire that is their education system?  According to residents there, it's the crime problem.  One survey ranks Detroit as the second most dangerous city in America...losing out in a close contest to nearby Flint.
Why all the criticism of Detroit?  Because what's happening there is a prime example of what happens when people become too dependent on government and unions.  It is a great tragedy that this once iconic city has been reduced to its current state. 
Remember - it's the unions who are getting violent when they don't get their way.  Not the tea party.
From Big Brian - Obamacare Taxes Your Gold And Silver Purchases!
You read that correctly.  What health care and gold and silver coins have to do with each other is beyond me.  Brian shared this story with me, which spells out a couple of interesting theories.  And because it's not official unless Larry Kudlow weighs in on it:

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