Monday, October 31, 2011

SDS Daily Update for Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat - Our National Debt Won't Equal 100% of our GDP For Another Two Months!

Today, many expected our national debt to reach the point where it equals 100% of our nation's gross domestic product.  However, it looks like the Bureau of Economic Analysis thinks it won't happen for another month or two.  So party on, America!  Things are looking up!  At least for another month or so.

Some Days, I Feel Sorry For Lawrence O'Donnell

Lawrence O'Donnell, who hosts some sort of left of center political show or something to that effect on MSNBC, tried to help out a protester in the Occupy Oakland movement who was involved in the scrum with Oakland Police the other day.  The exchange between the two gives you some keen insights into the mind of some of these protesters:

I actually like O'Donnell.  He's the only one on MSNBC who is intellectually honest enough to admit he's a socialist.  Unlike a lot of conservatives, I don't think socialists are inherently bad people.  Extremely misguided, but not inherently evil. 

As I mentioned in earlier blogs, we need to be paying close attention to this.  I fear this will escalate into something tragic for all involved.

Food and Energy Inflation - Perhaps The Important People Are Beginning to Pay Attention?

Looks like some economists think the Fed should pay more attention to this.  Of note in the article:

Because of the globalization of the economy and the U.S.’s diminished importance as countries such as China and India continue their growth, we are becoming price takers rather than price setters,” said Patty Edwards of Trutina Financial. “It is a long term issue, and frankly as people in these emerging economies become accustomed to eating more than one meal a day or having protein on more than a sporadic basis, we see the food inflation growing rather than diminishing.

Suburban Dad Nation - The Sheriff Says "Carry A Concealed Weapon."

Spartanburg, S.C. is clearly Pro-America, which is clearly proven in this article.  When law enforcement tells you that you need to start carrying, we need to pay attention.

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