Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Daily Update For Wednesday, February 12, 2013

Dude, Where Have You Been?

Lobbying's hard work.  I'm actively monitoring and engaging in six state legislative sessions at the moment.  My usual blogging time, also known as nighttime, has been consumed as of late with emails, drafting legislation, and formally commenting on proposed regulations.  I'm not complaining...I'm learning a tremendous amount, my employer is great, and the move to full time government relations was the career challenge I needed.

The active schedule since early January has hampered my preparedness efforts a bit, but that was expected.  I started a six mile walk/three to four days a week schedule this week, and despite the giant time suck, I rather enjoy it.  It's fitness and preparedness training at the same time.  And I'm making time to read more.  I just finished "The Mormon Way Of Doing Business" and wrote my first ever Amazon review, something I'd been meaning to do for some time. 

I will be taking two gun classes in the next two to three weeks: Defensive Long Gun at KR Training, a class I've taken and helped instruct in the past, and a day of one on one long distance shooting with Kenan Flasowski of FAST, Inc.  I shoot my Glock (sorta) regularly, but I don't get enough time with the AR.  So I'm making that a priority this year (just as ammo prices go up and availability goes down.....)

And I'm spending more time studying the Bible.  This is one thing I struggle to do on a regular basis, letting other things distract me.  Yes, I realize that's a lousy excuse, but it's an honest one.  I feel more focused and at peace when I'm regularly studying scripture.  I need to do it more.

I've said this before - preparedness is a journey, not a destination.  There will be times in our lives we cannot spend as much time as we'd like learning new skills or focusing on being self sufficient.  And that's okay.  Because one day, we'll be dead.  I don't say that to be flippant, but I do think some in our movement fail to enjoy life because they become so obsessed with preparing for things that will likely never happen in our lifetimes.  Our time here is limited.  Make the most of it.

What's On My Radar?

Let me tell you what's not, because that's easier.  First up: North Korea.  Bad situation, but not a lot I can prep for, and I am still not convinced they are the risk the military industrial complex would have us believe.  Did you see the pictures of Kim Jung Il's funeral from a while back? 

I'm supposed to believe these people with their 1978 Lincolns have a weapon that can threaten us here? 

I'm far more concerned about our stagnant unemployment, the possibility of a coming currency war, and the growth of our military involvement in North Africa.
What's on your radar?


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