Friday, March 29, 2013

Daily Update For Friday, March 29, 2013

Bring It, Lil' Kim

Many of you saw where North Korea's Doughboy in Chief, Kim-Jung Un, plans to nuke strategic U.S. cities, including Austin.  I'm not sure what's got Korean Cletus all pissy with the Lone Star State, but I assure you that we here in Texas admire his strategic thinking.  After all, we all know one of Texas' chief exports is industrial strength whoop ass.

Why Aren't Disaster Preparedness Messages Sticky?

If you aren't following Emergency Management magazine on Facebook, you should.  They ask this very question:

Why can’t Emergency Managers succeed in getting the message across to the public that they should be prepared for a disaster? We all try very hard, and yet survey after survey shows that people just aren’t internalizing the message.

The article is worth a couple of minutes of your time, but I will share with you the conclusion as it's rather succinct:

What is it we want to tell the public? Be prepared to withstand a disaster.
What do we tell them? Be informed. Make a Plan. Build a kit.
Not a real ‘sticky’ message, is it?
What do we really want to say? Be prepared to help yourself because we can’t help everyone.

And that needs to be our message.  The government and other emergency aid groups cannot help everyone during a disaster.  We need to be able to help ourselves for a period of time.

So I May Be Moving Towards Heirloom Seeds

I'm not well versed in gardening, although I've made some efforts in the last few years to learn more about it.  This month's lesson - seeds stored in the shed for a couple of years won't sprout.  I don't know if that's a function of the fact they are hybrids or that they weren't stored properly, but suffice it to say I won't be growing any fresh spinach this spring.  Lesson learned.

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  1. I think the reason why Prepping messages don't stick is the government constantly sends mixed messages regarding the subject.

    Look around at the messages from the President; things are improving, we'll be there to help, government will do something about this "X" (whatever X is).
    Senate and House - give me a break! They can't even get a budget together. They act as if nothing is wrong and we have all the money in the world to spend.
    The idea of "have X months worth of expenses in the bank" doesn't make compete well with what the government is doing.