Friday, November 8, 2013

Daily Briefing For Friday, November 8, 2013

And Then There Are Days That Make Me Think We Are Winning

It seems more people are realizing the perils that face us.  Perhaps more importantly, people are showing courage in dealing with them.

The creator of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad franchise, Robert Kiyosaki, weighed in recently on the need to prepare for the possibility of economic uncertainty:


And now that we are four months post-verdict from the George Zimmerman trial, we see key legislators in Florida not only refusing to repeal or water down the Stand Your Ground law, they are looking to expand the rights of citizens to defend themselves

Even when there are horror stories like these - where a man was forced to undergo multiple rectal exams and colonoscopy to look for drugs (there were none) when pulled over for a minor traffic violation and another man was assaulted during an alleged DUI stop (watch the cop kick the citizen in the face while the citizen is lying on the ground) - the outcry becomes deafening.  If only we were as hell bent on financing efforts to train law enforcement on the limitations of their authority as we are on militarizing their departments.

And then there's the mother of wake up calls that's currently being heard across the country.  Turns out you can't mandate increased health insurance coverage without cancelling or non-renewing tens of millions of otherwise good policies and raising the premiums and deductibles on the policies left.  That's not a political statement, friends.  That's Actuary 101.  ACA supporters seem surprised by this.  I'm hoping they will start to reconsider not only their support of the legislation, but their broader support of government intervention (and spending) which has done nothing to promote freedom, liberty and financial stability of the typical American family over the last 50 years.  Don't chastise these people.  Many of them may become our partners in righting the ship.

I sense the tide is turning.  Time for all of us to do our part to keep the momentum going.

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