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FREE Firearms Training at Upcoming Preparedness Field Day on August 2!

Yes, you read that correctly – FREE firearms training from KR Training’s Karl Rehn.  But before we get to that, let’s discuss what’s happening on August 2.


We've seen a lot of headlines as of late that serve as good reminders on the need to be prepared:




These issues will continue to affect our nation. Government and charitable organizations cannot be everywhere, all the time – we have to be prepared to be our own first responders.


At January's Preparedness Conference, many of you expressed interest in getting some hands-on experience in using the equipment and skills necessary to take care of yourself until help arrives. That's why we've put together the field day on August 2 – to give you the opportunity to do hands-on training.  Currently, there is no other prepper conference or seminar I'm aware of in Texas that is going to give you the opportunities this field day offers.


And if you’re worried about the heat in early August – please note many of these presentations will be indoors or in the shade.  You will not be outside in the sun all day.



Here's a list of topics and presenters who are confirmed for August 2.  Note these will be presented in a block format, which each presentation being offered more than once.  You'll have ample opportunity to attend your favorite choices of these presentations:



Food Storage and Nutrition – Kerri B. Gehring, Ph.D., an associate professor at Texas A&M will be presenting on the subject of “Food Storage and Nutrition.”  Many preppers have questions about food storage options and the nutritional retention of their food stores.  Dr. Gehring will speak to these issues and provide practical guidance on long term food storage options and strategies.


Fire Extinguisher Training – Mark Wobus, District Chief with the Bastrop Fire Department, and Lt. Brian Harvey of the Bluebonnet Fire Department, will provide attendees hands on training on how to use a fire extinguisher.  This is a live fire training opportunity.


Solar Cooking and Energy – I’ll be demonstrating some of the solar cooking and power equipment available on the market. 


Rainwater Collection  - I’ll share with you everything you need to know about setting up your own rainwater collection system.


Treat the Heat - Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics (and frequent guest instructor at KR Training) will be presenting on the subject of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various heat related ailments.  Caleb served as a medic in the U.S. Army before beginning his own training company; he brings a wealth of knowledge from the tactical medicine community.


Herbal Medicine – Sam Coffman of The Human Path will do a short herb walk and discuss the details of using several local medicinal plants for acute injuries and illness as well as chronic illness.


First Aid - Sam Coffman will demonstrate (and coach) the use of a poultice using both plant material as well as charcoal, to deal with infection, inflammation and tissue healing. 


The only direction you can't fell  tree is UP- Never handled a chainsaw? John and Kelli Kochan of KR Training will demonstrate what you need to safely handle and maintain your chainsaw. Then gear up and get your hands on a saw for real.


Radios don't bite - Learn what various radios can and can't do, which to use for what type of communications and how to use them properly.  Ham radio operator John Kochan will lead this presentation.


What are ya gonna do when your cellphone quits working  - John Kochan will show you how to set up a communications plan for your family and friends. Hurricane, bomb threat or power outage, have the equipment and plan in place before you need it.


Intro into Reloading Ammo – Karl Rehn will demonstrate the equipment and skills needed to reload your own ammunition.


Simple Stick Defense – Frequent KR Training guest instructor Chuck Rives will show you that simple defensive stick techniques can be applied to a million different tools that you can pick up or carry in lots of worst case situations.  These techniques are simple, quick-to-learn and work with batons, canes, broomsticks, trashcans, clipboards, fire extinguishers, phone books or hundreds of other items that you might find around you all the time. 


Unarmed Combatives – Chuck Rives will be providing some hands on demonstration on various unarmed combative techniques you can use in the real world.


Trapping and Snaring – Greg Pleasant of Texas Parks and Wildlife will cover how to identify animal sign and trials to figure out what animals are making them and then setting snares and traps to catch them.  He will cover both primitive and modern snaring and trapping techniques.


Bug Out Bag Building – Brian Brown of Team Rubicon will bring his Mother of All Bug Out Bags and let participants see what gear he carries into the field during disaster response.


Map and Compass Orientation – Brian Brown will demonstrate how to read a map and use a compass in field conditions.



You can attend this all day, family friendly event for $50 per person.  You will not find another opportunity to see and learn about these skills and technology in one place in Central Texas.


Here’s where the free training part comes in – At the end of Saturday’s conference, Karl and his team of instructors will run people through various defensive handgun drills, culminating in each student shooting the NRA Defensive Pistol Qualification Test.  This training is free for anyone that signs up for the Field Day prior to July 19.


For those of you who want more training opportunities that weekend, on Sunday, August 3, Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics will be teaching his course in Dynamic First Aid.  Those of us who have been through his course can vouch for the excellent training and skills you gain from attending this class.  The class costs $160.


So to recap:


  • Lots of training opportunities on Saturday
  • FREE handgun proficiency training for those who sign up soon
  • Dynamic First Aid training on Sunday




You’ll need to go here to register for these events. (Please note you’ll need to sign up separately for the Field Day and the Dynamic First Aid courses)


I hope to see you there on August 2.  Call me at 512-267-4817 if you have questions.



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