Thursday, January 9, 2014

Daily Briefing for Thursday, January 9, 2014

Three Conferences For Your Consideration

The SEC, the ACC and the Big 12.  Consider them.

Okay, that's NOT the type of conference I was talking about. Instead, I'm referring to the conferences where you actually learn something.

I know of three conferences coming up in the next 90 days that many of my Texas readers might want to consider attending.  Here they are:

Leslie Buck at Tactical Arts in Austin - yes, the same Leslie Buck who presented at this year's SDS Preparedness Conference - is holding three different workshops on edged weapons, impact weapons and handgun disarm skills.  Leslie is a fantastic presenter and shares his experiences and knowledge without much of the bravado one encounters at these types of seminars.  These will be really good training opportunities for those who are wanting to learn more about these subjects.

Karl Rehn at KR Training is bringing Massad Ayoob to Austin on March 8 and 9 for his MAG-20 course.  I am a big fan of Ayoob, as his experience and observations in the courtroom reflect the realities of the litigation environment.  For those of you who are concerned about managing the pre and post shooting environments effectively, this is an outstanding way to learn.

Caleb Causey at Lone Star Medics has a two day Field and Tactical Medicine Conference in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area on March 29-30.  Take a look at the number and diversity of speakers who will be presenting at this event.  Early bird pricing ends on January 15.  For those of you wanting to jump start your medical training or get some specialized guidance in a particular area of tactical medicine, this workshop would be a good place to start.

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