Friday, September 23, 2011

SDS Daily Briefing for Friday, September 23

First day of Fall brings with it....

....PIMCO perpetually pushing panic.  Mohamed El-Erian of PIMCO, the largest bond fund on the planet, says it's bad out there.  Why?  Sovereign debt - that would be bonds issued by countries, as opposed to corporate bonds or evil derivatives or satanic credit default swaps - of European nations like Greece and Italy apparently is toxic.  Who knew?  Well, for one, Atlanta Jeff, who shared the link with me.

....Metal's so heavy, it's falling.  Like a lot of folks who are long on gold and silver, I got hammered in the market today.  So what did I do?  Bought more, of course. 

....MelCo providing yet one more reason why we need to send our kids off to college with basic preparedness skills and gear.  Melany Cox (who from this point forward will have the awesome call sign "MelCo" on this site), the 5'4" sophomore honors student out of Belton, Texas, reports in this piece she skillfully wrote for the Abilene Christian University school newspaper that her campus suffered a major power outage thanks to a nearby brush fire.  Are your kids prepared to deal with grid down conditions while away at college?

....Hoot's pilgrimage to Central Texas.  Hoot is a co-worker's father-in-law and a big time farmer/precious metals expert/global economy watcher.  In my conversation with him today, he reports he still remains bullish on metals and that crop yields for wheat, corn and cotton remain below expectations.  And as a Greek default becomes a foregone conclusion, this guidance appears to be right on the localizer.

....Rumors that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is considering a run for the GOP presidential nomination.  If he gets in - and I still think that's a big if - it becomes a massive game changer in the GOP primary.

.....And with the world's economy in a spin, what does the Today Show elect to report on? Some dude's getting a divorce from his hottie wife because she's getting it on with the guitarist from Journey, of course.  Yawn

Welcome readers from KR!  Glad to see you checking out the new site.  KR Training continues to be the premier firearm training facility in Central Texas, if not the entire state.  (Disclosure: SDS is a semi-part time assistant instructor at KR.)

Weekend activites: planting spinach in the Victory Garden, completing rain barrel expansion project, and clearing off my desk.

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