Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SDS Daily Briefing for Wednesday, September 21

Dow drops 248; Sturm, Ruger shares rise 2.58%  In one of those metrics doomsday disciples like to follow, today's contrarian action on shares of RGR didn't disappoint.  The Connecticut-based gun manufacturer's stock rose throughout the day as the major indices fell.  Some watchers say the rise in gun sales (and Ruger's stock price over the last  two and half years - to the tune of 370%) are in part related to fears the Obama administration might take up gun control legislation, as well as people  buying weapons to protect themselves in anticipation of civil unrest.  You can pick your reason; I'm just mad that I didn't have the foresight to load up on RGR when it was six bucks a share.

Do terrorists use invisible ink for their messages? This story makes you wonder.  Apparently, the possibly-Arabic-or-maybe-just-gang-signs appear on the underbellies of Southwest Airline planes when the skin of the aircraft heats up. 

The SDS interviews the Rural Grandfather Dentist  SDS' father, whose granddaughters call "Doc," talks to the SDS about a number of issues.  In the coming days, you can read his comments on a number of topics in this blog.  Tonight we cover the four things preppers need in their medical kit to deal with dental emergencies:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide - use it to clean up open wounds.  It's good for wound care initially, but sustained use can retard healing.
  • Red Cross Tooth Ache Medicine - Doc recommends this; the reviews on line seem to confirm his opinion.
  • Orajel - for temporary relief of tooth ache pain
  • Temporary filling material - available over the counter.  There are a number of these out there in the market place.

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