Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SDS Daily Briefing for Tuesday, September 20

The wealthy are becoming believers in gold - Bob Pisani at CNBC reports wealthier families are beginning to own gold, many of whom are doing so for the first time in their lives.  This represents a clear shift in thinking among the achiever class, many of whom thought investing in gold was passe'.  Just think - buying your sweetheart gold jewelry is no longer an expense; it's an investment for the coming apocalypse.

Government tells Indians to "get ready" - In what has to be the best news release in FEMA in a long, long time, federal preparedness experts are encouraging Native Americans to get better prepared for natural and man-made disasters.  You know, things like weather, earthquakes, forced marches, internment, and intentional exposure to deadly diseases.  I have to think if any group of Americans is prepared for uncertainty, it has to be our Indian population.  And as someone of Cherokee descent, I have no trouble calling my people "Indians."  Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it.

FEMA also says "dangolbigasspieceofspacejunkgonnafalloutofdaskythishereweekend" - FEMA announced this evening continues to make plans for the re-entry of "the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS), a seven-ton research structure that was decommissioned back in 2005 but now could be returning to Earth sooner than expected."  The LZ for the Sanford and Son Satellite will be somewhere between Canada and southern South America.

FEMA encourages souvenir seekers to "not to make contact with it, and to contact local law enforcement immediately."  SDS says screw that - some piece of a UFO lands up in your yard, it's yours.  That stuff will make great Christmas ornaments.

United Nations - Food Security and Food Inflation are top two priorities for world governments.  Bloomberg reports the UN's Food and Agricultural Organization remains concerned about global food production.  The article cites several concerns in the global food markets, including this fact: "Tightening corn supply, which the FAO described as a “cause for concern,” was already reflected in high prices, the agency said on Sept. 8. Corn futures in Chicago traded at $6.9725 per bushel today, 37 percent higher than a year ago."

But don't worry.  Ahmadinejad addresses the UN General Assembly tomorrow.  I'm hopeful that in between denying the Holocaust took place and claiming there are no homosexuals in Iran, he'll find a few minutes to offer constructive solutions on how we're going to feed the burgeoning population.

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