Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekend Readings for Friday, January 20, 2012

Your Weekend Reading

  • Supermarkets and farmers are wasting food.  This trend must stop, especially given the growing population and the strains on the ag sector to feed it.  Game ball to Jahna the Gladiator for sharing this story.
  • What would a Greek default look like?  Here's CNBC's prognosis.  Pay attention to the very last slide.  It's the most important one of all.
  • Rick Santelli, once again, explains why we are screwed.
  • Inflation update: oil, food down; core CPI up.
  • "One is too many; two is too many.  Three should send an alarm."  Mexican drug cartel-style beheadings seen in South Texas.  The influence of evil from these godless cartels continues to drift northward.
  • Stratfor is out with their global food commodities update
  • Permabear Marc Faber says U.S. bonds are junk.  He says we're in the mess we're in due to excessive debt load and excessive leverage.  He is bullish on commodities and even some stocks. 

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