Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Daily Breifing for Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dude - Which Is It?

Today, Uncle Ben gave us a sliver of good news we've all been waiting to hear: The Federal Reserve has boosted its outlook for the year.  Yet in doing so,

Bernanke also expressed concern over the "fiscal cliff," a name he has given to the damage that would result if Congress does not reach an agreement by the end of the year on deficit reduction. Should an impasse prevail, automatic cuts and tax hikes would take place.


The Fed labeled economic growth as "moderate" and indicated that housing remains at a "depressed" level.

If a fiscal cliff and depressed home sales equal a better economy with an expected 7.8 to 8 percent unemployment rate for 2012, I'd hate to see what a bad forecast looks like.

Now compare these remarks to Uncle Ben's admonition in February of "an increased possibility of a sudden financial crisis." 

I hope you understand this.  If you do, please explain it to me.

As Details Emerge, Will It Change Opinions?  And Does This Story Make You Hesitant To Take a Role in Neighborhood Watch Activities?

What do you really know about George Zimmerman?  I suspect you didn't know this

The Reuters article paints a picture of Zimmerman few if any of us have seen before.  I felt sad as I read the story, as much of it resonated with me.  Many of you who regularly read this blog will feel the same way. 

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