Monday, April 16, 2012

Daily Briefing for Monday, April 16, 2012

Rip and Read Alert....Much of below comes courtesy of KR Training's April 2012 Newsletter.

Sheldon Cooper Meets Harry Callahan

Sheldon Cooper: fictional PhD times two in physics and character on the TV show "Big Bang Theory."

Harry Callahan: fictional San Francisco cop, also known as "Dirty Harry."

Put these two together, and you get this report.  For those of you not interested in reading about ballistics, wound channels, and physics, here's the entire report in one sentence: For self defense purposes, a good 9mm round is as effective at stopping the bad guy as my beloved .40 S&W as well as the .45 round.  And 9mm is hella-cheaper than my beloved .40 S& much as 33% in many instances.  This is precisely why I am going back home to 9mm.  Until the next report that comes out which tells us (insert caliber here which isn't 9mm) will save the world, end cancer, end world hunger, etc.

"Sunday must have been her lucky day because the woman told police that was the first time she’d carried the gun."

A South Carolina woman carries her gun for the first time - a .32 caliber - gets one round off, and scares attackers away.

The good: she exercised her constitutional rights, and as a result, she's still with us to tell the story.

The bad: back pocket carry isn't the best place to carry your primary defensive weapon.

The ugly: It was a .32 caliber.  I know, I know: If you will do, then any gun will do.  Whatever.  Get a 9mm.  See linked article, supra.

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