Saturday, May 19, 2012

Daily Briefing for Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kendel Reporting On Location

As I type this, Kendel's flight from Atlanta to an undisclosed location in France is rolling down the runway.  Ostensibly, she is there on vacation at a cooking school and to visit some of her employees in Amsterdam later this month.  In between checking work emails and doing shots of Grey Poupon, she'll be reporting on any rioting/civil unrest/financial intel she gleans while traveling in western Europe over the next two weeks. 

And I suspect she's on the safest flight to France this year: one of the passengers is none other than former President Jimmy Carter and an entourage of Secret Service guys.  No word from Kendel if there are any Columbian hookers on board.  See the pic she snapped just before take-off:

Hurricane Season Begins Early This Year

This morning, I received a Code Paul text from Clifford advising me of a tropical system forming off of the coast of South Carolina.  This afternoon, the National Hurricane Center began issuing advisories for Tropical Storm Alberto, the first named storm of the 2012 year.  Storm season begins officially on June 1.

More On The Bug Out/Shelter In Place Decision Tree

One reader shared this link they created, making the case for bugging out to a rural area in times of emergency. 

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