Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Daily Briefing for Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thoughts From One Of You People

Below, you'll find an email from a neighbor (call sign Stone Cold Steve Austin) on some of his preparedness efforts and recent sources of news and information.  When I asked his permission to share it with you, he graciously agreed, with this caveat:

However, you may wish to preface or talk about how prepping affects the household budget.    I haven't yet "bought in" fully to prepping as of yet.

Most of the outlay so far could be written off under "Other hobbies", etc. (Reading, camping, shooting).    But food prep can get really expensive in a hurry.

Watching some of the people on "Doomsday Preppers" shows how far some people are going as far as armament, bug out vehicles, and bug out locations.

But reading some of these books are eye-opening as far as what D-Day scenarios one might expect to encounter.   

Fair enough.

SCSA is a suburban dad just like me.  He has a professional career, a wife and son, and a home a few hundred yards away from me.  He's also a former CHL student of mine, having sat through my very first class as an instructor.  A few years back, we were visiting at our local grocery store and discussing national events, citing news stories from many of the same sources.   That's when I knew he was "on frequency" with me so to speak. 

He's made a lot of progress in developing a preparedness mindset.  As you can see below, he believes in doing his homework in order to educate himself on the risks that we face.

His caveat above resonates with many in the preparedness community.  This can be an expensive endeavor, especially when we think about laying in some food stores for an extended period.  If you choose your defensive weapons carefully and realistically, the food bill for a long term storage plan will even exceed what you've spent on guns and ammo.

One final thought: I take great comfort knowing that there are people like him - paying attention, preparing himself and his family, being proactive, not content on letting the collective "them" take care of any problems that might arise in the future - in close proximity to me.  His wife and my wife are good friends as well.  In a crisis situation, I know he's someone my family can count on.  I hope he feels the same way about us.

Get out and meet your neighbors.  Look for people who are on frequency with you.



How's it going, lately.   Keeping busy with the CHL classes, and life, I bet.    I have been following your blog posts and meant to forward a couple links to you, earlier.

I was waiting for some time to put this together and it's now a month later.    Oh well, better late than never.  You might find them interesting if you haven't seen them by now.

A new one:

Some (now) old ones:

In addition, I have been busy reading a bunch of fiction books for both entertainment and educational purposes.   

They all have to do with various SHTF scenarios and introduce the readers to different prepping and survivalist issues that people may run into.

Reading Now:

Half Past Midnight - Jeff Brackett   (EMP and nuclear strike)


77 Days in September : Ray Gorham  (EMP strike)

Apocalypse Law  : John Grit  (Pandemic scenario)

Apocalypse Law 2 : John Grit             "

Others in the genre that Amazon Recommends:

Dark Grid :  David C. Waldron

Desparate Times : Nicholas Antinozzi  (Books 1, 2, and 3)

Lights Out - David Crawford

I am trying to get in the mood to do some prepping other than getting guns, ammo, and camping gear together.

I think I need to come up with a plan and a bug out location first, however.

I did get that AK-47 style Saiga (IZ 132), but as I may have mentioned, I think it needs about a $200-250 conversion to move it from the Sporter model back to the original AK-47 trigger 
configuration and to take run-of-the-mill steel magazines.    I still haven't taken it to the range yet.

 I have been shopping for an AR-15 (.223) or AR-10 style (.308) gun.  Unfortunately, the more I have been educating myself the better my taste has become.  

I am now up to lusting after a $1750.00 (.308) weapon.   It may take awhile, but I want to get *something* before the election.   Maybe a $700 (.223) Bushmaster.

The SDS blog has been great and entertaining reading.   Keep up the good work.

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