Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Daily Briefing for Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Be Positive.

You may think that's an odd sentiment - be positive - coming from the guy who posts links about currency collapses, Treasury secretaries warning of martial law, and pageant beauties who know precious little about civics (complete side bar - my decision to post a pic of Miss Ohio in last night's blog really caused a massive spike in traffic to my site last night and looked rather phallic when depicted on a graph, in fact.  I now know what motivates you people - T&A.  How silly of me to think it was my cutting edge reporting and analysis of the issues facing America.)  And yet I have said several times over the last few weeks to think long term and to be prepared, so you can flourish when things improve. 

Think my logic is off?  Tell that to those folks in their 90s and 100s.  ABC News ran this story yesterday, attributing the success to longevity is in fact a positive attitude and a sense of humor.  While genetics and staying fit are important, it's what between your ears that keeps you alive for the long haul.  That's especially true in tougher times. 

Preppers are positive people deep down.  They have to be, as they are betting that life on the other side of whatever they're prepping for will someday be fun and worth living again.  Those citizens who simply throw up their hands and say "I just hope I die when the (insert major peril here) happens so I don't have to deal with it" crowd are the true Debbie Downers.  Especially those parents of little kids who espouse that view. 

Do not let what you see in the news or read in this blog get you down.  Be positive.  Take steps now to soften the blow of any type of problem you fear - be it loss of a job, a hurricane, an earthquake, a major economic depression. 

Being Positive Means NOT Being This Guy.

For those of you who don't follow politics closely, yesterday Wisconsin residents voted on whether to recall Governor Scott Walker (R) from office after only two years into his four year term.  In a state that went for Obama in 2008, Republican Walker kept his job with a seven point margin in the polls. 

Many in the main stream media simply couldn't handle this result, as evidenced by MSNBC's Ed Shultz claiming - without providing any proof - that Governor Walker could be indicted any day, and the Washington Post calling a seven point margin a "close vote."

But MSNBC and the Post do what their consumers pay them to do - act indignant when candidates from the right win elections.  Just as Fox News laments when candidates on the left win.  It's simply how our politics works these days.

I'm not complaining about any of that.  What I am complaining about is this Wisconsin resident:

Really?  Democracy died last night?  It's the end of the USA as we know it?  Because you lost a governor recall election? 

Crybaby.  And to think a bunch of kids stormed beaches and farmland in northern France 68 years ago today in an effort to fight global evil.  Now, we are reduced to images of this guy crying about the fact his candidate lost an election in a constitutional republic. 

He needs to stay positive.  He's still in America.  There will be other elections.  He can still voice his opinion, organize his friends, and protest the Governor's policies whenever he likes.  Instead, he prefers to adopt a victim mentality.

There is no room for a victim mentality in a preparedness mindset.  Don't be like this guy.

In the interest of full disclosure, I made a small campaign contribution to Scott Walker's election fund.

...Perhaps What The Guy Needs Is A Tampon. 

Okay that's about as good of a segue I can come up with while still maintaining some semblance of not going blue on my blog.  But it does set up this next bit nicely, shared with me this morning by Atlanta Jeff.

The lowly tampon is perhaps one of the most versatile tools in your supplies.  Here, Creek Stewart provides us with ten survival uses for a tampon.  I've never tried any of these, but I will admit I'm quite intrigued at the idea of seeing how well his ideas work.  I will keep you posted if I do.

Next Few Days

Blogging will be spotty through Saturday.  Nothing major, just some various projects and events around the house.  I should be back on frequency by Sunday.  Until then, stay safe.

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