Monday, February 13, 2012

Bernanke on Housing

Thinking your home is still a safe place to invest?  Think again.  Uncle Ben told the National Association of Home Builders last week "housing may no longer be viewed as the secure investment it once was thought to be, given uncertainty about future home prices and the economy more generally." 

I cannot stress how huge this is.  When the head of the Federal Reserve tells America that the stalwart investment of the average American's net worth - their home - may not "be viewed as the secure investment it once was thought to be,"  you'd better start paying attention to what the hell is going on in the economy and government. 

Moody's Downgrades A Bunch of Europe

This news isn't surprising, but it does confirm what readers here already suspected - the EU is in big trouble.  It's inconceivable that anyone can rescue them - not us, not the Chinese - there's simply too much debt and not enough economy to pay it off. 

The CDC's New Worry - Untreatable Gonorrhea

Yes, you read that correctly.  Untreatable gonorrhea is coming to a 'hood near you.  So, be careful what you....well, you know.

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