Friday, February 3, 2012

One Article For You To Read This Weekend

Lot going on this weekend, so I won't be around to blog much.  But I will leave you with this story, in the wake of today's otherwise seemingly good employment report (you may need to click on the chart to get it to fully view....and when you do, it's breathtaking to say the least.)

This isn't mere statistics.  We are talking about the well being of our fellow countrymen and women.  Before you say "It's Bush's/Obama's fault," depending on whether you're Team Red or Team Blue, try to think beyond that.  Ask yourself:  Partisan rhetoric aside, what do we really need right now to right the ship?  My thoughts:

  • Repeal Obamacare and other regulations which impede job growth.  Many employers don't want to hire due to the uncertain compliance issues raised by the law.  PBS did a great story on this back in December from Nashville.  Yes, we need to figure out a way to reduce health care costs in this country.  This isn't the plan to do it.
  • Cut federal spending across the board.  Now.  Including defense spending.  The bleeding must stop.
  • Create a meaningful immigration policy which does not include amnesty.  There's all sorts of talent wanting to move to America to work:  white collar and blue collar.  Get them here.  Now.
  • Repeal the Internal Revenue Code and move to a flat tax system.  Yes.  No economy ever taxed its way into prosperity.  Stop the war on savings.
  • Stop the war on achievement while we're at it.  Hell, stop the war on drugs, too.  Put all of those non-violent drug offenders who are sitting in jail on a bus back home to their families.
  • Audit the Federal Reserve.  What are they hiding?  We need more transparency from our central bank. 
  • Allow bad businesses to fail or go into bankruptcy.  Allow homes to go into foreclosure.  Yes, it sounds harsh.  But necessary to restore the markets.

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