Monday, February 20, 2012

Update for Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun With Data and Charts and Numbers and Guns

I often link to pieces from ZeroHedge, simply because there's nothing else in cyberspace that can process the data they way they do.  I could spend an hour looking at this chart on how Obama has affected the gun community: gun sales, CHL applications, hunting license applications, guns ownership, and on and on.  Fascinating info and great fodder for discussion: given the positive impact Obama had on gun sales, should gun manufacturers back him for a second term?

Thoughts of Dr. Sheldon Marks on Emergency Medicine

I heard Dr. Marks, a surgeon who volunteers his time with Tucson SWAT, on a radio program today talking about emergency medicine.  He made some great points, which include:

  • Prevention is key.  He implored listeners to get into shape and get postponed procedures, like dental work, done ASAP.
  • Do the basics well.  Get your immunizations for things like tetanus and hepatitis.  Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly to prevent disease transmission.
  • Stock up on the basics.  Bandages, over the counter meds, including one of his favorite pain reducers, 800mg ibuprofen, should all be in our first aid kits.

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