Saturday, February 11, 2012

Paintball?  And Storeable Foods?  Really?

I should be getting ready to teach tomorrow's CHL class, but I wanted to share this link with you containing various memos from the FBI.  Be sure to check out the ones on paintball and military surplus vendors.

No one wants to end terrorism more than me.  And yet I am baffled as to why people who:

  • insist on paying in cash, or
  • wish to protect their identity from identity theft, or
  • shave their beard, get a new haircut, or change their hair color, or
  • make bulk purchases of storeable foods, or
  • set up a paintball field on some rural acreage, or
  • buy "firearms and ammunition out of season" (whatever the hell that means), or
  • demonstrate no enthusiasm or interest for the hobby of remote controlled aircraft
are somehow deemed "suspicious." 

To be sure, someone asking about how to blow up a building or take down an airliner should raise red flags, but to use such broad suspicious indicators like those mentioned in the memos should give all of us reason for concern. 

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