Saturday, July 7, 2012

Daily Briefing for Saturday, July 7, 2012

Enduring Disasters While On The Road

My hometown newspaper carried this story from the county's emergency management coordinator who was visiting the Washington, D.C. area during last week's derecho.  He makes some very good points about what to expect in a grid down environment, and what you can do when you travel to help prepare you for that possibility. 

In my new job, I will be traveling quite a bit. I will really focus on preparing for such contingencies in the coming weeks.

Getting Kids Involved in Preparedness

Tonight, we had the family of one of my wife's co-workers over for dinner.  They are very nice people, and perhaps more importantly, they are "awake" to what's going on around us.

We spent a fair amount of time this evening letting their kids play with my Airsoft gun.  We talked a few minutes about gun safety, about how semiautomatics work, and then the kids (and the other adults) got to have fun - by shooting me.  I demonstated how it's difficult to shoot people on the move, and I let them practice getting hits on center mass shots.

Needless to say, kids love shooting adults with Airsoft guns.  Adults love shooting lawyers with Airsoft guns.  Kids also love watching their parents participating in the fun.  Parents love watching their kids learn important preparedness skills.

If your kids are reluctant to get more engaged in preparedness, try using an Airsoft gun as a gateway into the subject.  You may find it works well.  If not, you'll at least have your own Airsoft gun for the next force on force class.  What's force on force?  Check out this article by Glenn Meyer featuring action shots of Karl Rehn of KR Training.

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