Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Daily Briefing for Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Going Forward

I started my new job last week.  It's going great.  I'm drinking out of a fire hose at the moment - lots of information I need to know and understand.  It's taking up a lot of my evenings, predictably.  So for the foreseeable future, my blog entries will be much shorter and less frequent.  Once I have my sea legs, I will be in a better position to share more substance, more often. 

In addition, I am working on some other writing projects pertaining to preparedness.  I wouldn't say I am writing a book, but I am putting together a collection of essays on the subject.  I have no idea what I will do with them, if anything.  I will tell you writing my thoughts down has really helped me crystallize some philosophies on preparedness in general that I've struggled to articulate for years.  I hope that trend continues.

Of course, if the situation warrants, I will go into emergency blog mode and will provide info and analysis on a more expedited schedule. 

Some Gun Info

This Aurora shooting, as tragic as it is, really has the anti-gunners espousing some of their most unusual allegations yet.  Today, a law school classmate of mine - a nice guy, and a smart one - posted something to the effect that the NRA never shares stories of when law abiding citizens with gun permits stop active crimes in progress.  That statement floored me, because he was dead serious.  Local news outlets around the country regularly share stories about such incidents. 

So I want to share with you this piece about guns and crime rates.  If you're into preparedness, you need to understand the relationship between crimes and gun laws. 

Speaking of guns, I am becoming a fan of my new Glock 26 (the so called "baby Glock" in 9mm) more and more.  It shoots very well.  It takes the magazines from my Glock 34 and runs on those without any problems.  It's small enough to carry in my front pocket with a pocket holster.  I now carry a gun more often in situations where I normally didn't find it convenient to do so (such as when I am wearing my work out clothing).

I am taking the back up gun class at KR Training this Saturday to build some skills in using it. 

Next Preparedness Steps

I'm getting my severance check from my old employer in a few days.  I plan to use a portion of it to shore up my food storage plan.  That would make me feel much better, given all the things we're looking at over the next few months. 

I hope you are taking inventory of skills and supplies you need, making a plan to acquire those as time and resources become available.

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