Thursday, December 8, 2011

SDS Daily Briefing for Thursday, December 8, 2011

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How Might Issues In Iran Affect Us?

I suspect all of you have been watching the recent news coming out of Iran.  If not, just google it. 

If the conflict escalates over the next weeks and months, I think we should expect:
  • higher gas prices.
  • an increase in the price of commodities, especially gold and silver.
  • a muted economic outlook
Iran is no Iraq or Afghanistan.  One U.S. military official called it the greatest threat to the United States.  This threat largely stems from the country's burgeoning nuclear weapons program.

Please put this on your list of things to monitor.

100 Things That Disappear In A Crisis

Game ball to Kansas Mary for sharing this with me tonight.  It's a good reference to use in case you're trying to poke holes in your plan.  I will admit there are a lot of items on this list I don't have but probably need.  That's why I draw up a budget every year for the items I want to acquire. 

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