Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SDS Daily Briefing for Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reading List For the Holidays

Blogging over the next week or so will be limited, as I am celebrating the holidays like everyone else.  I would encourage you to read three articles over the next few days.  M.D. Creekmore found the first two, which he mentions on his blog

Why All Signs Point To Chaos - European economic woes may create major problems for our own weakened economy.

Cops Ready For War - The article's title tells it all.  This is key because of the article below.

Rights Activists "Appalled" As Senate Passes Prison Without Trial Bill - the National Defense Authorization Act should shock every American.  The idea that you or your family member could be labeled as a terrorist and put in jail without a trial violates many of the basic rights afforded us under our Constitution.  Don't think for one minute this couldn't apply to you.  Ever bought an MRE or other storeable food?  Ever paid cash for an item?  Ever attended a Tea Party or other political function that wasn't a Democrat or Republican sponsored one?  You, too, could be labeled as a terrorist and have your constitutionally protected rights to due process essentially ignored.  All in the name of allegedly making us safer.

These are strange times.  But more people are paying attention.  Many who wouldn't have thought twice about preparedness and the erosion of our rights and national sovereignty two years ago now confide in me they are worried and are beginning to take steps to prepare themselves for harder times.

As we end the year, think about what things you need to be doing in 2012 to be more self reliant.  Make a plan and create a budget to allow you to make those things come to fruition.

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