Saturday, December 17, 2011

SDS Weekend Briefing for Saturday, December 17, 2011

Need A New Investment Idea?  How About Antique Firearms?

CNBC ran this article earlier this week.  It's my understanding that certain antique firearms are exempt from New York City ordinances prohibiting handguns.  Something to think about.

I Hope You Are Reading This Newsletter

Texas Todd turned me on to this newsletter.  Fantastic reading.  Makes me wonder why I even bother blogging....I could just read what they write and save myself a lot of time.

Sniper School On Monday
I, along with three other lobbyists, head east of Austin for what we're calling "Sniper School."  The day long class is designed to enable us to shoot AR-15s out to 400 meters.  If our instructor, a former Army sniper, can teach me to reliably hit a man sized silhouette at 400 meters in a day, I will be forever impressed.  I will certainly blog about our experience.

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