Saturday, December 10, 2011

SDS Weekend Update for December 10-11, 2011

Straight Outta Compton...or Hollywood

Check it.  Another episode of senseless gun violence in another allegedly gun free zone.  And thanks to the miracle of smart phones and YouTube, we get to see how it went down.  The best part of the video are the witness accounts of the story.  The lesson here? Go armed whenever you can, and don't be like these eye witnesses who were completely unprepared to handle something like this.

Frozen Beer, Pink Floyd, and Alaskan Snow Drifts - A Story Of Survival

If you read one article or story on preparedness this weekend, it should be this one.  He did a lot of things wrong...and a lot of things right.  We can all learn from this.  I'm glad he was confident enough in himself to share his experiences so that we might benefit.

Man Runs Wild With Hammer At Mall, Despite Assertions That "Things Like That Don't Happen Here."

The suburbs are filled with malls. Malls are filled with people.  Some of them are crazy.

Have you discussed with the kids in your home what to do in a situation like this?  It's been a while for me, so we'll be having that conversation this weekend as a reminder.

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