Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SDS Daily Briefing for Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santelli For Three....YESSS!

If you watch this two minute video, you will know more about the national debt situation than the vast majority of Americans.  Rick Santelli has a way of distilling complex finance issues into very simple terms we can understand.  This may be his best work yet.

Follow Up From Yesterday's Briefing

I mentioned I'd read a comment on the electricity rate article I linked to in yesterday's blog.  I went back so I could attribute the comment to the correct person.  That would be Sharon Lank of Nashville.  While her comment led me to believe she might be a prepper, her other postings on her Facebook page make me think otherwise.  And I'm pretty sure she would not like me.  Nonetheless, I believe in giving credit where it's due.  Unlike both parties in Washington.

Today's Silver And Gold Prices

Those of us long in metals - and I am in that group - got hammered today, especially if you held silver.  The metals fell in large part due to a flight to the U.S. dollar.  The EU crisis has everyone freaked, and as a result, commodities tanked, the equity markets tanked, and the Euro (predictably) fell against the USD. 

We continue to wait to see if and when there will be a decoupling of metals from the equity markets.  Once that happens, I suspect we would see metals and other commodities grow much higher. 

Is US Prepared For Electromagnetic Pulse Attack?

This story is getting a lot of chatter among many in the preparedness community.  It's not that it tells us anything we didn't already know, but instead because of the timing.  Many say the Iranian situation is pushing this concern up towards the top of the threat list. 

EMP remains a terrifying threat.  How real is it?  A number of bright people remain quite concerned...and the video in the link above is a litany of all the reasons why an EMP attack would suck.

Conspiracy theorists aside (who promote the idea that the EMP threat is simply a fiction created by the industrial military complex to justify more defense spending), I remain concerned about the threat, simply because the ramifications could be devastating.  I still put other concerns, such as the economy and severe weather, ahead of the EMP threat.

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