Monday, July 22, 2013

Daily Briefing For Monday, July 22, 2013

I Should Be Working...

But the expense reports from last week's foray into Los Angeles will have to wait. 

I've mentioned before that if you have any unhealthy habits, you should get them out of your life now for a number of reasons.  For me, it was (and still is) junk food, especially candy bars and Diet Mountain Dew.

Today, Dr. Liz shared this link with me regarding the dangers of soda consumption.  With one minor slip up last week as my only regression, I will be soda sober for two months this Wednesday.  I can say I have noticed some improvement in my digestive system, but the other big improvement I was hoping to see - less inflammation in my joints - has not come to fruition.  I'm hoping losing a considerable amount of weight will help my knee, and that I will one day be able to strengthen my shoulder to the point the bursitis is no longer an issue.

Regardless of whether we will face an emergency requiring us to be in good physical health, getting things like your diet under control now will (hopefully) pay dividends down the road long term.  That's my goal - find a healthy lifestyle and diet that's sustainable which will keep me healthy in my later years.  And if in doing so I am in better shape to deal with some sort of crisis, so be it.

People think prepping and living a normal life are completely different lifestyles.  They certainly can be, but that not need be the case.  There are many things you can do to improve your life for the long term that are considered "prepper" activities.  Getting the right insurance coverages for your family, eating well, getting exercise, not putting off preventative care on your body (or your care or home for that matter) are a big part of the equation.  Don't let the AR -15 and MRE crowd convince you otherwise.  Being prepared is in large part an exercise in doing the basics in life really well.

The Story That Just Won't Go Away

So I said I wasn't going to talk about the George Zimmerman matter anymore, but the story just keeps on giving.

Three things:

  1. Check out this story of another Stand Your Ground case....except this time, the defendant is black and the deceased is white.  And yet the jury acquitted the defendant.  Based on what I've read, it sounds like the right call.  What I find most interesting about the story is that the quotes from the parties involved almost mirror what we heard in the Zimmerman matter.  It's like that old Bon Jovi song says: "It's all the same/only the names will change."
  2. What's Georgie up to these days, anyway?  When he's not hiding from the 18.6 million people who want to murder him, he's apparently pulling parents and their kids out of overturned cars in Sanford, Florida.  Read the article.
  3. And what about the lady in Florida - Marissa Alexander - who wanted to use the Stand Your Ground defense but was denied by the court and sentenced to twenty years for firing a warning shot at a man?  Turns out her story of self defense arguably isn't true after all.  And yes, the motion in the link was signed by none other than State Attorney Angela "Travyon-was-a-child-but-I-will-still-prosecute-a-twelve-year-old-as-an-adult" Corey.  Yet that doesn't take away from the fact Ms. Alexander may not have acted in self defense after all.  If she's a victim of anything, it's mandatory sentencing guidelines. 
Okay.  I'm done talking about this case.  Until the next news cycle.

And Now Even The Wall Street Journal Is All "What's Up With The Militarization Of Law Enforcement?"
This article ought to be required reading in every civics class in America.  Thanks to all of you who shared it with me.

Need Some Doom Porn?

Michael Snyder is always happy to oblige.  Sobering data from the Federal Reserve.  Still waiting for one of you to explain to me why a large debt to GDP ratio isn't anything we should fret.  I'd love to be convinced I'm wrong.

Survivalist Play Of The Day

Dara from the awesomest law school class The U ever produced provides tonight's play of the day.  This one involves a dog saving a kitten.  Why?  Because dogs are awesome.

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