Sunday, November 13, 2011

SDS Daily Update for Sunday, November 13, 2011

Plowing Through Revelation

My Sunday School class began a series on the book of Revelation.  My wife has done a great job leading us through the first nine chapters.  We're just now getting into the portions which are rich in imagery.  In today's discussion, we talked about the famines and wars predicted in the book.

I asked her at lunch today what her take on all of it was.  I volunteered that it makes me want to expedite the food and water storage process; that was her same sentiment. 

What motivates you to prepare?

Annual Colonoscopy This Week - Lucky Me!

Part of being prepared means staying in good health.  I know of so many people who think of themselves as preppers who still smoke, don't exercise, and don't take care of their health.

Prepping well means doing the basics well.  And part of the basics includes taking care of yourself.  If you've put off that trip to the doctor or that dental procedure, get it scheduled.  Soon.  It's part of your preparations. 

Christmas List Time

My wife asked for a list of Christmas ideas for me.  Of course, it's heavy on preparedness gear, just because I like playing with solar ovens, para cord, and other fun toys.  I will try to get it posted soon so you can have some gift ideas for the prepper on your list.

Needing An Investment Idea?  Think Farm Land.

This idea continues to get more traction.  If you are not ready to invest in metals but need something to put your money into long term, it's a good option. 

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