Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SDS Daily Update for Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sniper School Set!

I, along with three other lobbyists, will be attending a long range rifle class on December 19.  We got our reading assignments today to prep for the class.  To say we are stoked is putting it mildly.

Learning to shoot a rifle well requires not only practice, but also someone who can provide you with quality instruction.  Our instructor is a former Army sniper.  We'll be spending a fair amount on the academic and theoretical aspects of long range shooting before actually moving onto the range. 

All of us who are interested in preparedness need to continually to learn new skills and practice old ones.  I'm hoping to spend more time in training in 2012.

Putting the MF in MF Global

This MF Global mess is far bigger than most people realize.  This story is sending shock waves not just among investors, but in the Farm Belt as well. 

The question we have to ask is "how similar are the other banks to MF Global?"  Seeing how we bailed many of them out just two years ago, today's announcement that six large megabanks will undergo stress tests should make us all think about the health of the financial system.

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