Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SDS Daily Update for Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You People Are Getting Prepared, It Seems

A St. Louis store reports a dramatic increase in the sale of disaster foods.  People are beginning to pay more attention to the news, it seems. 

Query: what particular news item or subject is prompting you or your friends to step up your preparedness efforts?

I Hope You're Paying Attention To The Financial News

Friends, the news from that sector of our world is changing rapidly and touches all of us.  Are you paying attention to it?

The poor action in the German bond market should give all of us pause.  German bonds are some of the best on the planet.  And guess what?  There wasn't a lot of appetite for them.  Investors fear Germany will get sucked much deeper into the financial turmoil in the European Union. 

I certainly don't have a crystal ball.  But I'm failing to see the silver lining in any of the financial news these days.

Poignant Words From Off The Grid Radio

I received an email today from Off The Grid Radio, a product of Solutions From Science.  In this season of giving thanks, I found this text in their email most thoughtful:

Today, the essence of those Pilgrim ancestors can encourage us as well. We need to get away from the sloth, ease, comfort, and dependency that our present-day society encourages for the sake of building future generations that have learned to be thankful in adversity. It is in adversity that we are strengthened. It is in adversity that we are refined.

And it is in adversity that we find our faith in God.

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