Friday, November 2, 2012

Daily Briefing For Friday, November 2, 2012

Two Emails.  Two Different People.  Two Different States.  Same Message.

You people email me from time to time, which is great, because it reminds me I am not the only brother out there collecting rainwater and canned goods in preparation for some sort of disruption to society. 

Both emails today basically said the same thing.  I'm going to amalgamate them into one email below (I'm not referring to either of the senders by name, but they know who they are):

It's interesting to watch how all these people affected by Sandy expect the government to come in and help them. I am thinking that we are being a bit generous when we say that folks will last 30 days... after the reports that are coming out of NYC and dumpster diving.  How can anyone not have made some preparations for the coming storm - it was all over the news with stories of the Frankenstorm.  Perhaps they believe that the Government should have went door to door with supplies BEFORE the storm hit so that they would be taken care of.....

The heartbreaking headlines are not without precedent.  We see this regularly when a major storm or disaster hits a large urban area. This story repeats itself.  People fail to prepare.  And  they wonder why they are eating food out of a dumpster and why the government isn't waving a magic wand to make everything better again.

Because the government can't.  That's not a knock on the government.  It's just a fact.  Neither the government nor the private sector can feed, clothe, and house everyone affected in just a few hours.  It's impossible.  And yet to hear some of the stories, many storm victims remain incredulous that the Red Cross or Obama or Oprah doesn't drop manna from helicopters.

This storm and its effects are a great case study in what will happen the next time we have a regional emergency.  Please don't be one of those people. 

Falling Back

This weekend, I will be replacing batteries in smoke detectors and weather radios.  We'll also be moving our clocks back one hour on Saturday night.


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