Thursday, November 29, 2012

Daily Briefing For Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Forecast Has Changed.

I should have been a weatherman.  Seriously.  I wanted to be one when I was a little kid.  I obsessed about the weather.  I even had a weather station in my bedroom, complete with a five foot tall weather map of CONUS, a wind speed indicator, barometer and weather radio.  (You can see I was into preparedness at an early age.)  Back about 14 years ago, I even enrolled in the Broadcast Meteorology program at Mississippi State and started to take two courses via long distance learning.  My 60+ hour work schedule in the law firm made me drop my studies mid-semester. 

Want to know one of the many things that's cool about being a weatherman?  You can be wrong and no one cares.  None of my legal clients has ever said to me, "Don't worry if you're wrong or screw up.  We'll still pay you anyway."  Weathermen can totally biff a call and keep their jobs.  Awesome work if you can get it.

The long term forecast for CONUS has changed, and it's not good.  Instead of the above average rainfall we were supposed to get this winter, we're back down to average.  And temperatures, instead of being below average, will now likely be above average.  I'm not complaining about the prospects of a warm winter....but I would like for us to get some rain.  We need it.

So do with this data what you will.  As for me, I think we're safe from any serious winter weather.  Provided they don't change the forecast again.

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