Friday, November 30, 2012

Daily Briefing For Friday, November 30, 2012

Eleven For Twelve

Tonight, we wrap up the eleventh month of the year.  As we enter December, we often become reflective and make goals on what we're going to do to improve ourselves next year.

I'm working on my list.  One thing I want to continue to focus on is being more willing to challenge the conventional wisdom.  I will tell you from past experience that doing so often puts you in a lonely place.  Most times, I don't mind it - just because few agree with me doesn't mean I ought to change my position or that I'm not correct.

And so along those lines, I'd like to share an article with you that I shared with a couple of friends earlier this year.  This piece from the Miami Herald ran in 1987 and describes a government program known as Rex 84.  Until this year, I'd never heard of this.  In essence, top officials in the Reagan Administration created a shadow government, parallel to one created by the Constitution, which had essentially no oversight from any governmental agency except from those who ran it.

The fifth page of the article is the most troubling.  The idea that our government would plan on building "assembly centers or relocation camps" for 21 million "American Negros" (their words, not mine) blew me away.  If you do the math from data about that era, you realize quickly this shadow government intended to inter every black American in the event of "violent and widespread internal dissent."

Think about that.  An entire race put into a prison camp, presumably with no trial or hearing, because of the threat of civil unrest they might cause.

Friends, I know this sounds crazy.  But I am just sharing with you a story the Miami Herald covered. 

If this sort of thing is happening - where unaccountable government agencies, of which we know nothing, run free of the Constitution, what else do we not know?

Do you care?  Do you want to know?  Does this bother you?

My hope is that in 2013, I will be more open to having my beliefs challenged.  I hope you will be as well.

Vodka Loaded Apocalypse Kits

In Siberia, these are selling well it seems.  This brings us to a good point - what use is alcohol to a prepper?

I'm thinking alcohol would be a great thing to stock up on.  Aside from its traditional usage, alcohol such as Everclear north of 100 proof will burn, making it:
  • a great fire starter.
  • a great anti sceptic.
  • a great barter item (for all of the above reasons)
Of course, over consumption can cause people to mistake you for a zombie:

Usual after-effects of underestimating Everclear. Never again.

The guy on the left is literally blowing chunks out of his nose he's puking so hard.  And don't any of you judge him.  You have done similar things.

Not Deterred By A No Guns On Campus Policy, The Perp Kills Three With A Bow And Arrow.

Brian shared this tragic story earlier today.  Note that the school's security team was unarmed. 

Wake up, America.  Crime and nut jobs are everywhere.  And they don't need guns to go on a rampage. 

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