Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Daily Briefing For Thursday, November 14, 2012

Stop Complaining.  Keep Preparing.

We're now eight days post election.  Like many of you, I'm still processing what can be learned from the results.

In the last several days, I've written at least three drafts for a blog entry.  All of them were quite verbose.  So tonight, I will be more succinct.

First, if you're a Romney supporter, your guy lost.  If you haven't come to grips with that, please do so quickly.  This secession nonsense hurts the conservative movement.  It makes us look like crybabies.  Stop it and man up.  Your guy failed to garner as many votes as McCain did in 2008.  No amount of voter fraud could make up the difference.  And even if he had won, a number of us would have let our guard down and dialed down our efforts to become more self sufficient.  So in a way, his loss is good motivation for many to keep focusing on reducing their personal debt, getting their affairs squared away, taking better care of our health, and having the necessities in quantity to get through the next Hurricane Sandy or economic meltdown in the financial markets.

For my Obama supporting friends, please don't think by returning your man to the White House we're "out of the woods" by any stretch.  Our debt continues to grow, the EU continues to crater, and Bengazi-gate continues to get more convoluted by the hour it seems.  We're growing food stamp rolls seventy five times faster than we're creating jobs.  I don't care who is in the White House - this cannot be a good thing for America.  And simply taxing the rich at higher rates won't fix the problem

The same issues that faced us on November 6 face us today.  There will always be pressures to infringe upon our rights to own guns.  There will always be efforts to expand government intrusion into our lives - be it through taxes, regulations, or elimination of civil liberties.  And guess what?   Romney would not have eliminated any of those concerns. 

It's time to emphasize the prepare in preparedness.  Yes, it's fine to be disappointed that your candidate didn't win - at least for most of you, your candidate had a chance.  My candidate - Gary Johnson - didn't.  It's also fine to encourage our friends in the GOP to start choosing more conservative candidates who are more libertarian in their thinking.  But don't lose sight of what we need to be doing to be better able to care for our families in a time of crisis. 

I know many of you are upset.  Channel that emotion into something positive.

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