Monday, March 19, 2012

Briefing for Monday, March 19, 2012

Awaiting The Storm

I should be in bed.  But the radar indicates a long line of strong to severe storms will be here in an hour or so, which means Foxy the Dog will be running through the house like Ozzy Osbourne on meth.  I figured I will get some things done while I await the storm's arrival.

In preparation for the storm, I elected to see if the weather radio I've used all these years is programmed correctly.  The old Radio Shack model I am using - probably 10+ years old now - was never easy to program.  I hope I've done it correctly. 

Report from Bastrop

The disaster preparedness class I mentioned  last week went well.  I was interviewed by one of the local TV stations, but it appears the story didn't run (too many murders in Austin/March Madness upsets/South By Southwest music festival updates/severe weather stories got in the way, it seems.)

Is This The Calm Before The Storm?

I read a lot of financial and preparedness blogs and publications.  It seems many think 2012 will be relatively smooth for much of the year, followed by more uncertainty and unrest in 2013 and beyond.

The financial markets seem to think so.  Notwithstanding the price of gasoline, we may very well see an increase in equity indices in the coming months. 

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