Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Briefing for Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taste Testing Survival Bars

You've seen them before - those cookie/bars loaded with calories touted as survival food bars.  I'm a sucker for sweet things, and so in the interest in promoting preparedness, I taste tested three common brands.

Datrex: My favorite for two reasons.  One, I like the taste (like a sugar cookie, albeit a bit dry).  Two, the servings are individually wrapped.  High in calorie content, a 3600 calorie package sell for $6.95 right now at Emergency Essentials.

Mainstay: The only thing I don't like about these bars is the lack of individual wrapping.  Once you open up the package, you've exposed all of the bars to air.  This is okay in an emergency, since you'd be eating it up relatively quickly.  But even in those situations, individual wrapping is nice, especially if you're out in the elements.  I like the lemon flavor.  Also sold at Emergency Essentials for $6.95.

S.O.S. 1200 Calorie Food Bar: These bars are good.  But they are very dry and crumble easily (like I very dry sugar cookie).  They are also expensive on a per calorie basis ($2.95 for 1200 calories) than Datrex or Mainstay. 

Bottom line: Great shelf life for all three products.  Tasty.  Individual wrapping is key to me.  

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