Sunday, March 4, 2012

Briefing for Sunday, March 4, 2012

Field Test: Various Water Purification Systems

Game ball to Texas Todd for sharing this video comparing the various water purification systems.  Predictably, the Berkey wins by a huge margin.  Do yourself and family a favor: go buy a Berkey.

Yard Work Hurts

I spent four hours out in the front yard yesterday weeding, edging, weed eating, mowing, trimming, and bagging clippings and branches (Kendel and Delaney spent a lot of time out there as well).  Today my ham strings are REALLY sore from all of the bending over.  Kendel's are too.  Delaney continues to struggle with stiff quads from Thursday's track meet and Friday's Powder Puff football game.

We suburbanites sadly spend too much time sitting behind a desk or in our cars commuting to and from work.  We don't spend enough time bending over, picking things up, or moving things around.  And yet even in a short term emergency, we'll be doing a lot of bending over, picking things up or moving things around.  To the extent we can get better conditioned for such work, the better off we'd be. 

 Calling Off E&E School

Texas Todd and I also decided we'd bag OnPoint Tactical's Urban Evasion and Escape school this year.  We'd like to do it, but we decided the money could be better spent on additional gear and storable foods.  Yes, we are THAT concerned about the future.

Speaking Of The Future...

I continue to plow through Pat Buchanan's Suicide Of A Superpower.  This is the book which got him fired off of MSNBC (apparently, "Lean Forward" - their service mark - doesn't include "Keep An Open Mind And Listen To Someone Other Than The Same Four Liberals" within its meaning). 

You owe it to yourself to read this book.  It's tough to read: tremendous amounts of stats and data, but through it all he paints a very bleak picture about our future.  On more than one occasion, it's made me wonder why I bother to prep at all.  I hope our children will forgive us and their grandparents for the country they will eventually inherit.

...And Yet We Press On

Cancelling my plans to attend E&E school reminded me of an idea I had several years ago about holding a prepper summit here in Central Texas.  This would be a one day event, on a weekend, likely in the fall (to give me enough time to plan for it) where we'd have speakers address attendees on various suburban preparedness strategies, along with briefings on current events by government agencies and stakeholder groups.

I'm not making any promises here, but if you're interested in something like this, send me an email and let me know what topics you'd want to see covered at such an event.  I'll gauge the interest and see what can be done.

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