Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Briefing: March 11, 2012

Change in Sunday Blogs

Starting today, blog entries on Sundays will look at the spiritual aspect of preparedness.

This evening, I'd like to get something on your radar - something I find rather disturbing.  FEMA's use of so called "Clergy Response Teams" should trouble all of us.  Watch this two minute news story and see if it sets any alarms off for you:

Some concerns:

  • The anchor states the biggest problem the government might have in a post-disaster environment is....wait for  Yes.  You and I are the biggest problems FEMA faces.  And by "us," they really mean citizens, for whom the government supposedly works.
  • The pastor who says "we'll straighten it out all later" terrifies me.  Thank God he wasn't working for the government in Nazi Germany.
  • Instructing the "Clergy Response Teams" to rely upon Romans 13 as a way to guide their parishoners to do what the government says also terrifies me.  As pointed out in this detailed analysis, Romans 13 was never intended to mean what the government claims it does.
In short: the government ought not use scripture from any faith to take away the rights of others.

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  1. Clergy would be previously identified by the government......I think we know what that means. "Work together now and sort it all out later."
    "God makes the govt"....and here I always thought it was us.
    all the pieces together are not encouraging.